Welcome! I am Ana

I was born on a wintery day in Bucharest, Romania.

I have always loved stories and wrote my first one as a child.  It was about a brave little girl with skills worthy of a private detective and it was called Secret of the Marine Shells. I believe that stories shape the way we look at the world, making it a better and more exciting place to live in.

At the end of 2013 I had my first creative writing workshop called Riding the Bike with a Crocodragon and in 2015 I made my literary debut in the children magazine Ghidul Pozneț de Cultură (The Funny Guide for Culture).

I also wrote articles for Empower Romania, stories for Fabulafia (children literature magazine), noipovesti.ro (a project bringing together enthusiastic Romanian writers and illustrators), short stories for Andilandi, stories for an online shop with bio vegetables and short prose for The Women Writers Club Romania.

Since 2017, I am living in Zürich with my husband and our lovely daughter.